Lively global macro session in Singapore

On Wednesday 6th September, the Hedge Funds Club hosted an off-the-record Dialogue global macro session in Singapore.

The afternoon session was hosted at The Executive Centre at Capital Square. Some twenty investors joined industry legend Soon Hock Chua and his colleagues for an interactive discussion focused on global macro issues. Soon Hock Chua is the founder and CIO of Asia Genesis Asset Management in Singapore which manages an Asian-focused macro strategy. The Dialogue discussion featured some very sharp minds around the table and views were challenged and debated, just like they should be at a Hedge Funds Club Dialogue session. It was an informal peer discussion, moderated by Hedge Funds Club’s Stefan Nilsson of Terrasias Capital, focused on sharing macro views, including opportunities and threats in today’s geopolitically unstable world. Soon Hock did not hold back when he shared his views on geopolitics and other macro issues. He is a straight-talking fund manager, something refreshing in a world full of politically correct (and often utterly useless) information shared in pre-approved presentations at many industry conferences. During the Dialogue session, he made it clear that having views is one thing, but it is active and nimble trading and not just views, that make returns for his strategy. The Hedge Funds Club has previously hosted a number of these interactive Dialogue sessions on various topics for smaller groups of professionals in Tokyo. This was the first such event in Singapore. A big thank you to Soon Hock Chua, his Asia Genesis colleagues, the participating investors and our venue partner The Executive Centre. We look forward to hosting more Dialogue events with our members across the region.

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