Interview: Alex Mackinnon on Finalto’s expanding global liquidity provisions

Alex Mackinnon, CEO of Finalto Asia in Singapore, talks with the Hedge Funds Club’s Stefan Nilsson about the firm’s continuing build-out of its global liquidity provisions.

Finalto, a market leader in global financial services, is a new name with years of experience. Formerly known as the Tradetech group comprising of several B2B businesses such as CFH, Alpha and Tradetech 360 in addition to the B2C brand Finalto is a market leader in next-generation multi-channel trading software, systems and liquidity services which are offered in a B2B capacity to a global partner network.

Finalto is continuing to build out the firm’s global liquidity provisions. In addition to your London data centre, earlier this year you launched a New York data centre and now also a new liquidity data centre in Singapore. Tell us about what’s behind this investment in global reach.

Building out our global liquidity provisions and expanding the firm’s global liquidity aims to improve the availability and accessibility of liquidity for our clients worldwide. By establishing data centres in key financial hubs such as Singapore, London and New York, the company can reduce latency and offer faster execution of trades, benefiting our clients and their underlying clients by providing more efficient access to liquidity.

Is expanding your Asian provision a strategic component in your global growth plans?

Expanding Asian provision is a strategic move for our global growth plans. Asia is a rapidly growing market with significant economic potential. Establishing a strong presence in the region is a strategic goal.

I understand that Finalto’s new Singapore data centre utilises your own tech. Why have you opted to develop it in-house?

Opting to develop the Singapore data centre with in-house technology allows the company to tailor to the specific needs of the region and potentially gain a competitive advantage with the agility in delivering unique features and functionalities to our clients.

How does the new Singapore data centre differentiate the advantages you offer your clients in Asia? Is it all about localisation of services and pricing?

The Singapore data centre will offer Asia-based clients improved local connectivity, reduced latency and faster execution. Additionally, localisation of pricing and services is an important factor in catering to the needs and preferences of clients in the Asian market, it demonstrates our commitment to understanding the regional business environment.

Are you expanding the people side of your Asian business too?

Our expansion of the workforce is in tandem with the business growth. We have been expanding the team over the last few years by hiring local talent, ensuring we can effectively service clients in the region, enhancing our expertise and providing better support to clients in Asia.