Paul Das: “Is digital marketing the saviour for raising AUM?”

On Thursday 26th May, Paul Das, CEO of ProFundCom, will host a digital marketing webinar together with his guests Jeb Altonaga of Clearglass Capital Partners and Hedge Funds Club’s Stefan Nilsson. We check in with Paul to find out what will be covered in the webinar.

On Thursday 26th May, you’re hosting a webinar on digital marketing’s role in capital raising. To whom is the webinar aimed?

The webinar is aimed at anyone in a sales or marketing role. Those that will benefit the most from the webinar will be those looking to start their journey with digital marketing and those that want to look for ways to improve their own digital marketing plans so they can demonstrate the impact they are having in raising assets under management.

Do you think that more fund managers now see marketing and capital raising as a strategic activity or is it still an afterthought?

Marketing has traditionally been seen very much as an afterthought. However, with the investor journey being more and more digital, the potential investor has become invisible. And just like in the movie “Predator”, you need digital marketing to reveal where your potential investors are accessing your content – web, email, social, Zoom or on your portal.

What topics will you cover in the webinar?

We will be covering:

• Digital vs traditional asset raising post-Covid

• Tactical vs strategic marketing

• Marketing and sales alignment and its importance

• The internal marketing process and how to get more budget

What is the biggest positive thing that digital marketing has brought to the asset management industry?

The most positive change is that it has made marketing – almost – a core business function and not seen as a necessary pain-in-the-neck that adds nothing to the business. By identifying investors that would normally not be targeted, digital marketing has extended the sales funnel in ways that could not be possible at the polo or tennis.

Will participants get a chance to ask questions during the webinar?

Yes. they will. Sign up for the webinar here.