Tokihiko Shimizu and Takumi Shibata launch growth equity fund Fiducia

Tokihiko Shimizu has become Founding Partner at Fiducia, a just-launched growth equity fund focusing on deep/real technologies in Japan. Tokihiko is a well-known alternative investment professional. His past experience includes being CEO of Japan Post Investment Corporation, Senior Managing Director of Japan Post Bank, Director-General of Research at the Government Pension Investment Fund and Director at the Pension Fund Association. He has also taught at Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Innovation Management and Tokyo University of Science.

Tokihiko’s main business partner in Fiducia is another well-known Japanese professional, Takumi Shibata. Takumi is a former Chairman, CEO and President of Nikko Asset Management, COO of Nomura Holdings, CEO of Nomura Asset Management, CEO of Nomura Europe and CEO of Nomura International.