The Hedge Funds Club Good Life Interviews – Part 47: Cameron Harvey

Cameron Harvey, Managing Director of Raffles Family Office in Hong Kong, chats with HFC boss Stefan Nilsson about the thrill of success, Yuval Noah Harari, Netflix and pizza, pintxo bars, Tokyo museums, appreciating the little things and much more.

From where and how do you get your daily general news updates?

I follow or subscribe to all of the major global publications from Financial Times, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal to more localised publications such as the Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, The Standard, SCMP et al. For financial analysis and fundamentals, we get a huge amount of daily economic research and financial news coverage from our banking partners at Raffles Family Office.

What do you do to unwind on a weekend?

Spend time with my wife, some exercise such as hiking, golfing, swimming and lunch or dinner with friends. Also religiously watch rugby if there’s a game on.

Can you name a great book you have recently read?

“Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari. Could be the best book I’ve ever read. It really broadened my perspectives and views of the world and humankind.

Your soundtrack of choice?

I have a very diverse taste in music which varies depending upon mood and situation. From rock to hip hop/rap to indie to metal and more.

What drink do you start the day with and what drink finishes it?

A glass of water in the morning to rehydrate. If it’s a Friday maybe an Australian Shiraz with dinner or a nice single malt, to finish the day.

What’s the worst money mistake you’ve made?

Not beginning to invest when I was very young. The power of compounding returns is a critical concept to grasp early in life.

Have you ever had a great mentor and what did you learn?

I’ve been lucky enough to have several mentors throughout my life, all of whom I still maintain regular contact with. They have taught me so much across so many aspects of life. One of the most important lessons being – you can’t always predict when opportunities will arise but you can always prepare and be ready to pounce when they do – something I practise in the financial markets on a daily basis but which is also applicable in so many areas of my career and life.

What gives you energy?

The thrill of success and achievement in my work.

How do you stay grounded and focused as a person in these turbulent and fast-changing times?

It’s important to keep your goals clear in your mind, keep your family and friends close and appreciate the little things.

Can you name a terrific restaurant that you love?

Any of the pintxo bars in San Sebastian in the north of Spain.

What’s your favourite museum in the world?

Both the Mori Modern Art Museum and the teamLab installations in Tokyo are pretty amazing.

Are you active on social media and what do you actually use it for?

I regularly use social media for news, keeping in contact with friends around the world and maintaining my networks, though I rarely post these days.

Do you have any secret guilty pleasure that you are prepared to reveal here?

Don’t mind the odd Netflix marathon and a pizza when I have some downtime.

What kind of battle dress do you normally put on for work?

Classic suit and tie.

Do you celebrate your wins? If so, how?

Always, usually a nice dinner with my wife. Then onto the next challenge!

What makes you happy?

Spending time with family and friends and through my work getting the opportunity to interact with a global network of intelligent and interesting peers.