Digital marketing platform ProFundCom partners with the Hedge Funds Club

London-headquartered digital marketing platform ProFundCom, led by its founder Paul Das, has become a new partner of the Hedge Funds Club.

ProFundCom provides digital marketing teams with the best toolkit to help them demonstrate their impact on raising AUM. ProFundCom was founded in 2003 by Paul Das and Charles Barnick with the aim of providing a compliant digital marketing platform exclusively for financial services. From the very beginning, the platform was created with deep readership analysis and has now evolved to extend across all digital channels – email, websites and social media. Today, the ProFundCom platform proactively helps to identify opportunities to raise and preserve AUM by giving sales and marketing teams the insights to know where to focus, who to contact and how to make the most of time and resources. With offices in London, New York, Geneva and Bangalore, the firm works with retail and institutional fund providers, boutiques and private banks on a global basis. Dedication and continuous investment go into building the leading digital marketing platform for the finance sector. Digital marketing for hedge funds is one of ProFundCom’s business areas. The firm helps hedge funds with tools and analytics to distribute secure and compliant investor communications and ensure the integrity of documents remains intact. Hedge funds can better understand what content is resonating with their potential and existing investors so they can be relevant with their messaging. They can track website and social media activity and ensure targeted and personalised investor relations as well as gain a better understanding of investors and score prospects based on engagement and supply actionable data.