Macro analytics platform Quant Insight partners with the Hedge Funds Club

The Hedge Funds Club is delighted to welcome Qi (Quant Insight) as one of our new partners. Quant Insight is a unique quantitative macro analytics platform for global hedge funds, asset managers, investment banks and family offices. Clients can access a whole new level of unique analysis, actionable insights and signals across all asset classes and geographies. The core vision of Qi is that successful investing is increasingly driven by analysis of data by smart machines. It was founded in 2014 by former PMs at blue-chip hedge funds working with professor-level academics at Cambridge, Harvard and Princeton with expertise in signal extraction and machine learning. Qi brings together large amounts of high-frequency data to identify the key drivers of your portfolio and assets. Cleaned and processed data extracts the underlying signal to reveal the macro exposures, identify macro regime shifts, pinpoint macro-based valuation anomalies and support trade selection and asset allocation. Fully documented and available via multiple channels, the smartest money in the world now incorporates Qi’s analytics in their investment process.