Christina Qi leaves Domeyard

Christina Qi has announced that she’s leaving her hedge fund Domeyard to focus on her other role as CEO of Databento. She says: “After spending my entire 20s running a hedge fund, it’s time to leave Domeyard LP and open a new chapter as I say hello to my 30s! Starting a hedge fund from my dorm room, with $1000 from a Wall Street internship, was a rollercoaster of an experience. Hours after losing a pitch competition, we received our very first $100k investment. Moments after receiving an industry award for good performance, we lost 5% from poor performance and ended the year in the red. I wrote these lessons – our “Unprincipled Principles” – into a book manuscript over the years, publication TBD. For now, I’m on to my next journey with Databento! I’m excited to use our HFT skills to bring the best-quality market data to the masses.” Keep an eye on her. Wherever this entrepreneur goes, excitement follows.