Interview: Eric Bernstein, President, Broadridge Asset Management Solutions

Eric Bernstein of Broadridge

Eric Bernstein of Broadridge

As fintech leader Broadridge keeps expanding in Asia and globally, HFC’s Stefan Nilsson had a chat with Broadridge’s Eric Bernstein about its asset management solutions.


As a global fintech leader supporting financial institutions across global and Asian markets, how do you support the operational and technology needs of hedge funds in Asia?

Broadridge has developed a strong presence in Asia and our business is continuing to expand. What differentiates our offering for hedge funds and asset managers more broadly is the strength of our services for clients across three areas – people, processes and products. We have the right people and talent with the best knowledge of their local domain, backed with the right language abilities and jurisdictional know-how. We provide asset managers and hedge funds the ability to outsource key front-to-back office processes, helping reduce the complexity of their businesses. Our solutions help future proof the business of our clients through process automation and our investments in new technologies.


How does Broadridge contribute to the success of your hedge fund clients and where are you helping address some of the revenue pressures that the industry faces?

Taking a step back, we have seen many in the hedge fund space onboard new systems from the lowest-cost providers. At first glance, this can be attractive as a basic level of operating capability for the standard long-short strategies and can be provided at a low price point on flexible terms. This works great if you only want to do one thing, but with this comes restrictions on growth and expansion. What Broadridge offers our hedge fund clients is the genuine ability to differentiate their businesses. Our offering is highly flexible and we find many clients need the ability to be nimble. This allows hedge funds to be opportunistic in their investment offering and easily expand into new asset classes or geographies without having to upgrade their technology. We help our clients scale their business, keep pace with growing regulatory and client demands, shift to new asset classes and new strategies. This helps managers to future proof their business and attract more investment.


Where are you seeing investment managers adapt most quickly to new technologies to deliver better performance?

Among asset managers, hedge funds as a group have often been the nimblest in adopting new technologies. In the same way, this is reflected in their approach to trading as – they wake up, see a headline and want to move and trade on it. This is similar to what Broadridge is able to provide – the ability for our technology and services to scale as much as our hedge fund clients need, whenever they need it. We have the manpower and global infrastructure to allow managers to expand and differentiate their operations as they best see fit. If safety and security is the priority, Broadridge is the right trusted partner in this space.


In an increasingly data-driven world, how might managers better address some of the longer-term reporting and transparency demands?

Reporting and transparency all come down to data and how well and how fast you can structure it to fit specific requirements. Broadridge works with structured and unstructured data through partnerships with the best third-party data processing and visualisation providers like Tableau. Based on specific reporting and compliance needs, we disseminate data to managers on our centralised platform. This can even be done in real-time across portfolios, asset classes and more.


How do you see technology transformation progressing in Asia?

A key trend I have seen is that Asia is the fastest moving market, adapting to the transformational challenges that the asset management industry has faced. At the same time, businesses will always have to be constantly prepared for the next major disruption and resulting industry transformations. That is where Broadridge has been able to act as a strong partner to our clients. We prepare their businesses to be ready for what’s next in two, five or ten years’ time, while also consistently delivering the best of what is available and needed today.

(Feb 2020)