The Hedge Funds Club Capital Raising Workshop

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A lively, hands-on workshop that will show you where the money is, how to get it and how to keep it. Delivered by an industry veteran who has had both plenty of success and some failures that you will learn and profit from.


The Hedge Funds Club is pleased to be able to offer capital raising workshops led by our founder Stefan Nilsson to corporate clients. Whether you are working in a hedge fund or you’re a service provider to the hedge fund industry or involved in some other capacity, you need to properly understand how to attract and keep money. The whole hedge fund industry is based on investors allocating money to fund managers. No money – no funds. This half-day workshop is great for members of marketing, sales, IR and cap intro teams. It can also be utilised by other professionals that need to better understand how capital raising works. Professionals working at hedge funds and other alternative investment funds, asset managers, fund platforms, brokers, investment banks, fund administrators, custodians, trust banks, fintech firms, law firms, compliance firms, securities exchanges, accountants, management consultants, recruiters, industry associations, regulators, government agencies, investors and many more related organisations can benefit from this workshop.

Stefan Nilsson

Stefan Nilsson

Stefan Nilsson’s career has included cap intro roles at leading prime brokers JP Morgan and Bear Stearns as well as management positions at several hedge funds and asset managers. He is currently co-CIO of a single-family office in Tokyo primarily focused on allocating to alternative investments. Stefan is a contributing author to the book “Entrepreneurship in Finance: Successfully Launching and Managing a Hedge Fund in Asia” (Palgrave Macmillan). In recent years, Stefan has shared his experience of marketing hedge funds and other types of funds through practical and interactive lectures. He has been a consistently top-ranked lecturer on capital raising at Henley Business School and has also taught at the University of Hong Kong. During his many years in the hedge fund industry, Stefan has been speaking at, moderating and chairing numerous industry conferences internationally.


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