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Alvin Fan, OPIM

Alvin Fan, OPIM

OP Investment Management, the hedge fund incubation platform led by Alvin Fan in Hong Kong, has made a strategic investment in FundSeeder, an emerging financial software company located in the US. FundSeeder was founded by Jack Schwager (of “Markets Wizard” fame), Emanuel Balarie, and James Bibbings.

From fund management to modern art: The Walking Creative from Oz

Jimmy art6His day job is in operations at Australia-based fund manager Global Commodities Limited, but in his spare time, James Smith, aka The Walking Creative, is an emerging artist creating some eye-catching modern art from his base in Adelaide. HFC boss Stefan Nilsson checked in with Smith to talk about his bold and playful art and inspirations.

James Smith

James Smith

How would you describe your style of art?

My style is predominately neo-expressionism and abstract.


What inspired you to start creating art?

My creative flair began at about seven years of age. My grandfather taught me how to draw after I discovered ink drawings stashed in his cupboard he had drawn when he was a young man. I was so fascinated by them and then knew I wanted to learn more!


What inspires you nowadays?

For me I really love immersing myself within the arts, whether it might be at a gallery, an exhibition or even live music! There’s always something that I can take away from that experience to improve my skills as an artist. There’s also times where I am inspired by risk. Starting with no idea and just using my own imagination to see where it leads.

Jimmy art3

You’re an Aussie lad from Adelaide. Do you find any local inspiration for your art?

I support a lot of local artists and always love to see what new projects they’re working on. Again, back to experience, there’s an idea or something I can take away from it and utilise. There’s a lot of stuff happening around Adelaide at the moment and the city has become very supportive of the arts especially emerging artists. It’s great to see young and old talent out there inspiring others like myself.

Jimmy art2

What techniques do you use to create your art?

I am very experimental when it comes to using my creativity. I do vary it up and switch between different media. I tend to use acrylic or oil paint but there are also times where I like to get the Posca pens out and draw something too. Sometimes I might even do a mixed media piece where I’ll paint a layer of acrylic and use bright-coloured Posca pens over the top. It just depends on what I’m feeling or what I’m inspired by at the time.

James with his grandfather.

James with his grandfather.

You recently took part in your first exhibition in your hometown Adelaide. How did that go?

It went extremely well! It was a really big event because it was artists of all categories including fashion, makeup, photography, visual and music. My friends and family came along to support me. I had lots of people come up to my display to talk and appreciate my work. I priced all my art work well in an affordable price range so I sold plenty of pieces which was a good result. I met some really talented artists of all kinds all doing great things. It was sure a busy evening!


This is the beginning. Keep an eye on The Walking Creative because this young artist will clearly go on to bigger things.

Jimmy art4